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Water & Sewer Line Testing in Irving, Texas

Keep your home and plumbing in good condition and avoid a mess with regular inspections from a proven slab leak detection and repair company. At Accu-Find Slab Leak Inc. in Irving, Texas, we have the experience and equipment to provide the most accurate water and sewer line testing and isolation.
Connecting Tubes - Sewer Line Test in Irving, TX

Testing of Water & Sewer Lines

Water lines are pressure tested by connecting a pressure gauge to a faucet. The water is then turned off at the meter or the house cut-off, and the pressure is monitored to determine if there is a loss of pressure indicating a leak.

If there is not an operable cut-off (usually close to the house in a flowerbed area), a cut-off valve may need to be installed to accurately test the domestic water lines below the slab and throughout the house. There must be no leaky or drippy faucets and the faucets must be capped or shut off.
We test sewer lines by static gravity test, otherwise known as hydrostatic testing. A test ball is placed in the main sewer line close to the outer perimeter of the house to block off the line. We then fill up the lines and monitor water level at floor level to determine if the water level drops, which indicates a leak. A "proper" clean-cut (a double or a single two-way) is usually needed to test the sewer lines accurately.

Once a sewer leak is indicated, isolation to determine the exact location of the leak(s) is performed. We also offer camera testing, utilizing video footage to determine the location of the leaks.
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