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Sewer Line Replacements in Irving, TX

When you need to replace your entire sewer line, Accu-Find Slab Leak Inc. provides you with the best solutions. Our slab leak detection & repair company in Irving, Texas, specializes in a variety of methods for sewer line replacements. We pride ourselves in provided the highest quality repairs to your sewer or water lines, as well as your home. If there is damage caused as a result of a slab leak, we will not only repair the leak, but assist you in restoring your home to excellent condition.
Repairing Pipes - Line Replacements in Irving, TX

Line Replacement

Established in 1990, Accu-Find Slab Leak Inc. has extensive experience in re-piping sewer lines by boring under slab foundations. Our method of replacing the existing sewer line with a new Schedule 40 PVC pipe has proven to withstand the test of time.

There are many factors to evaluate to determine the best way to re-pipe a line, including plumbing layout, slope, length, and depth of lines.

Each of the methods is not always feasible, or possible. There is usually no charge for estimates unless camera inspection is necessary or recommended.
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